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real outfits for the lads: Smug Mountie is drunk with lemonade and power
real outfits for the lads: future redneck rancher is two seconds away from whuppin' you
real outfits for the lads: you can't see it, but this kid's wearing chaps.
Flashy Gene Autry sling style holster, with artificial firearm and Curse of Gene Autry
Real outfits for the panicked Home Front


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Fueled by rage and fresh roasted peanuts


I woke up this morning with the phrase "Close Quarters Bobcat" in my head.

I also had some paragraphs in my head, fully formed, that I'm going to quoin a troublesome Graveyard Tapes script with. The paragraphs are full of angst and explorations of memory and experience, but Close Quarters Bobcat is all I care about now. Try and get away from Close Quarters Bobcat! You can't. He's right there. Is he an ally or just needy? Hard to say. He's Close Quarters Bobcat.

I don't want to plunder the minds and labour of actual artists with some AI artgrind machine, but I really want to shove "Close Quarters Bobcat" into the prompt field and see what gets milled out from that.

Anyway, that's probably how I'm going to die. Via Close Quarters Bobcat. Good night everyone.

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