Once more dyed the rich red colour of sockeye salmon

real outfits for the lads: Smug Mountie is drunk with lemonade and power
real outfits for the lads: future redneck rancher is two seconds away from whuppin' you
real outfits for the lads: you can't see it, but this kid's wearing chaps.
Flashy Gene Autry sling style holster, with artificial firearm and Curse of Gene Autry
Real outfits for the panicked Home Front


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Fueled by rage and fresh roasted peanuts

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Fueled by rage and fresh roasted peanuts

scourge of child prostitution

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What's wrong with yesterday's menu:the Huevos Rancheros, a murderous tortilla bowl of shrivelled eggs and limp vegetables covered in Humpty's own Mexican sauce, a cranberry-coloured glop undoubtedly pre-congealed in a New Jersey factory.

Fassbinder told me yesterday that there are an estimated 200 child (under 18?) prostitutes in this city. Since there are about 200,000 people in this city, then there's one underage prostitute for every 1,000 residents. I tell you, the lineups go around the block sometimes.

The nickname request drive has not been going well. So far, nobody has supplied me with suitable nicknames. Except for Athena, who chose that name because she was born out of her father's forehead.

Wait wait wait! Here's an article from Mother Jones called What Would Jesus Eat?:

Tom Ciola wants to lead the Lord's flock to healthier pastures. A devout Christian with 30 years in the sports nutrition business, Ciola has struck on an idea that combines his two great passions—the Bible Bar. This wholesome snack is made with the seven holy foods named in Deuteronomy: wheat, barley, raisins; honey, figs, pomegranates, and olive oil. (Okay, so it has some puffed rice and raspberry powder in there too—only God is perfect. “We tried to have just the seven foods in there, but it didn't quite work right,” Ciola says.) The Bible Bar certainly tastes healthy and is such a hot seller at Christian bookstores that Ciola recently expanded his product line to include Bible Granola, The Seeds of Samson (a seed and nut bar), and Back to the Garden, a “Bible Based Meal Replacer.”

Ciola says his enterprise is “a ministry as much as it is a business” and has even authored a self-help diet guide called Moses Wasn't Fat. “We've had detractors who've accused us of commercializing the Bible,” says Ciola, “but I know I'm going to have to answer to the Lord someday, and I believe He will praise my good work.”

Thanks to the stouthearted Tim Dickinson for being the person who wrote that article.

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